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NowBetNow has been developed to enhance customers's knowledge and stimulate more immediate betting activity based on their own preferences. NowBeNow includes sophisticated, decisioning algorithms that evaluates multiple possible prompts depending on current game status, goalscorers and prices and of course your own marketing goals.

  • It pushes to your customers an exciting, easily understood way to choose bets for upcoming games using fully relevant data.
  • New premium content offering with features that helps you grow revenues and increase engagement.
  • Alerts are delivered through multiple channels. Web – through widgets on your site, web and mobile advertising networks, mobile apps and SMS.
  • Information alerts can be delivered in many ways. Web – through a widget on your site, banner ads, mobile apps and SMS.
  • All alerts are active taking the customer immediately through to your betslip filled with the selected market.

NowBetNow benefits many different genres of gaming including sports betting, social gaming and fantasy products.

  • Grow revenues.
  • Engages your customers.
  • Helps acquire new customers.
  • Take your CRM to a new level.