Some things don't change.....the more information the customer has the more they are inclined to bet. Insight will stimulate betting activity. Find out more

Give your customers the control and confidence to make informed choices by delivering, relevant, personalized and sensible stats based around their betting habit.

The NowBetNow technology allows betting alerts to be delivered through web, mobile and into retail outlets and also through ads across your web and mobile networks that link to and populate your betslip directly.

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  • Highly Personal

    NowBetNow provides tools that collect customer preference logic. Combining performance data, customer data and details of the player's last bet, NowBetNow can offer additional, personalised bet propositions based on that selection.

  • Real Time

    Bet stimulation alerts are delivered instantaneously to enhance the customer's in-play betting experience.

    NowBetNow's stimulation engine manages over 50 bet prompts per event in real time, covering unlimited, simultaneous live events. As in-play betting applications become more advanced the speed of alerts data delivery is crucial for increasing the frequency of customer betting activity.

  • Highly Configurable

    NowBetNow is configured by you to offer alerts how you want them, when you want them.

    For example you can configure the system to send alerts only for markets with a better than 15% margin or only for teams that your customer has asked chosen.

  • Easy Integration

    NowBetNow is easy and fast to integrate with your bookmaking and marketing systems. Supply us with your price feed and we'll do all the rest. We can use your in game data feed or our own, it's up to you.
    NowBetNow is cloud based and fully secure. It's scalable and fast!